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01/28/19  08:00   Ridge and Valley Renegades Snowmobile Club

All Richland County Snowmobile Trails Are CLOSED! 


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Richland County Trail Status - Open/Closed

  1. Pine River Recreation Trail
  2. Muscoda Trail     Trail not signed (if someone is willing to sign the trail send us an Email)
  3. RC to Bear Valley
  4. RC to Hub City-  
  5. Hub City to Yuba and Cazenovia
  6. RC to Boaz
  7. Boaz to Rolling Ground
  8. Boaz to Readstown  Trail not signed (if someone is willing to sign the trail for it to be open, send an Email)
  9. Boaz to Blue River  

All Richland County Trails Closed at 8AM on Jan 28th 2020. 

Club Dues have increased from $25.00 to $30.00 for the 2019-2020 season 11-13-19


There is so much that goes into making and having a snowmobile trail then meets ones eye. This is why local snowmobile clubs want you to join and be involved to solve these issues together, more people to help the less work has to be done by fewer people.  Richland County has about 23 key people who do the majority of the work establishing and keeping our trail system going. So stay on the Trail no freelancing its a matter of having a yearly trail or not, and dont ride trails that are closed there closed for a reason.   

Remember to renew your membership or become a new member by utilizing the dues tab at the top of the screen. The money that is received from membership dues is utilized on our club trail to provide some of the best and safest riding in Richland County. Also with your membership to this Club it will allow you to obtain a discounted trail pass that is required by state law to be displayed on your snowmobile to legally ride Wisconsin snowmobile trails.  To obtain a discounted trail pass please visit www.awsc.org for more information on how to apply.

Did you know that in 2018 there was 230,630 registered snowmobiles in Wisconsin
that's more then any other state or country in the world
Michigan had 188,952 and Minnesota had 183,354 in 2018

Wisconsin has 25,000 Miles of snowmobile trail. In good snow years you can ride from Wisconsin Illinois border to Northern Bayfield County in Wisconsin, or to Copper Harbor MI, or to Minnesota-Canada Border.  Wisconsin has the most snowmobile trails in the United States of America  bypassing Minnesota by 4,000 and Maine by 12,000 Holy Cow!!!

Did you know that Zero (0) tax payer dollars is used in maintaining and constructing snowmobile trails in Wisconsin.  Maintaining and Constructing snowmobile trails is not free and of course it does cost money. You see this money that is used to Maintain, Brush and Groom it all come from your snowmobile REGISTRATION money that's why it is important to have your snowmobiles registered, Its not the DNR's way to "make money" you know their is a state statue that prohibits the State of Wisconsin and the DNR from putting it into different accounts to fund other non snowmobiling activity's or Programs.

Hey guess what Wisconsin even has a gas tax on 50 gallons of gas per registered snowmobile that are directed to a segregated account that is used to cover costs of maintaining snowmobile trails.

Hey that "trail pass" that's needed to ride Wisconsin's 25,000 miles of trail. Well that money also goes into a segregated account to help fund snowmobiling.  It does cost money to operate groomers they need gas or diesel, oil, maintenance, grease, filters, tires.  You need money to brush trail, Mow, put in tens of thousands of signs, need stakes for the signs, screws, chain saws, gas, oil, mauls, heavy equipment, trailers, private contractors in some cases, lumber for bridges, some times seeding, and some time to do it all now what i just mentioned goes for all 600 snowmobile clubs in Wisconsin and the 72 Counties that over see the snowmobile program.   

01/25/19  Not Current as of 11-11-19
Hello fellow Snowmobiler's & Club Members,

 Update on Richland County Trails that will not be opened right away 

RC to Hub City- This trail has had numerous landowner changes throughout the years. The current trail route that we have was our last possible bypass that could have been done without a major trail rehab and route. The reason we have come to this predicament is that there was a snowmobiler (s) road this trail when it was closed and opened gates and took down fencing most likely electrical fence to continue there travels. This resulted in cattle running at large and not contained within there proper pasture. This landowner was not happy and rightfully so. Multiple attempts to find alternative routes are being made but have not been successful due to other landowners in the area that wish a snowmobile trail on their property would not happen. 

What needs to happen to have a trail from Richland Center to Hub City is a revamping of our trail system, this requires multiple people to locate new landownership, define where the trail will go on new property and trail construction which in many cases is constructing trail through wooded land. If the trail does go through a landowners woods we would most likely have to cut timber down and remove brush. Many landowners find it hard to cut down good timber that could be used in a harvest to sell and add supplemental income to the landowner. Another issue is if the landowner has there property enrolled into a managed forest program then permission is needed from the DNR Division of Forestry to even begin this process. Once permission is granted then the construction begins with heavy equipment, manpower, time and money. This cannot be done within days or weeks it takes time.  

There was a Question on why cant you have road routes, State statutes says this is allowed?   Its easy to interpret state statute that you can do this but it also states that permission is granted or denied by the local municipality that has the jurisdiction over this. This process has to be done in a certain order to comply with the State of Wisconsin's open meetings laws. Club members would get on a Town, or County Highway committee meeting agenda and make a proposal. That Town or County Committee in conjunction with the County Highway Commissioner will have questions and concerns and then will make a decision on whether to allow snowmobile traffic or not.  

RC to Blue River-  The issue here is there is a landowner that is in a legal issue with the DNR over property rights. And wishes to resolve this issue before he would let us through. The extent of it is that the DNR administers the snowmobile program for the State of Wisconsin, also the same issue as stated above with regard to developing new trail. If there is anyone that has any information at all on how to resolve this issue or has a new definitive trail in the works, Contact us we are open to ideas but not criticism 


Ithaca Bear Valley Trail (Club Trail)
This is our club trail that is maintained by our Club this is the only trail in Richland County that is classified as a club trail that is 17 miles of wonderful riding. 

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